The Fish House mission statement

Ethical fish supply

We support the Ethical Fish movement. As far as possible, we source our fish from suppliers that are Marine Conservation Society Approved and have a sustainable bill of health. The bulk of our frying fish are the traditional customer choice – fresh Cod and Haddock delivered daily direct from Grimsby. Customers can be certain that we will always try to avoid fish that comes from unsustainable, over fished and/or badly managed fisheries or have high levels of by-catch.

Protecting fish stocks

We try to avoid buying Cod from the over-fished North Sea, in line with the standards that have been employed in Norway and Iceland which appear to be working to good effect. To play our part in protecting North Atlantic fish stocks, we use increasingly fish caught and frozen at sea in the North Eastern Arctic and Barents Sea.

Exploring sustainable alternatives

We make weekly visits to Billingsgate market to gain ideas about what is in season, fairly priced and fresh. Our menu reflects a wide choice of alternatives to Cod.
Our customers might like to try delicious Hake (the top choice in Spain) Gurnard or Black Bream or any of the following :
Mussels, Rock Oysters, Scampi, Alaskan Salmon, Tilapia, Mackerel, Sardines, Black Bream, Gurnard, Brown Crab, Pacific Tuna, farmed Sea Bass and Lemon Sole, Prawns and Langoustines.

We welcome your views

We will keep on serving the best and freshest fish available and we will always listen to your views.